Healthcare IT Trends at HIMSS20

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With this year’s HIMSS Health IT Conference just around the corner, we hope you’re taking some time to plan your activities in Orlando because there is no shortage of great opportunities. We’ve already shared some ideas for how to prepare for HIMSS20, plus some great tips for your time at the conference, but one of the best ways to get the most bang for your buck is to think about what topics or subjects you want to drive your schedule. It would be impossible -- not to mention exhausting -- to do everything the conference has to offer, but by keeping your eye on a few Healthcare IT trends that are shaping many of the programs offered this year, you’re in a great position to leave the conference with value and inspiration.


HIMSS20 Trend: Patient Engagement 

Patient Engagement in Healthcare IT has been a popular topic for a while now, but the HIMSS20 conference is a great venue to stay tuned in to the latest solutions available to help healthcare organizations better communicate with patients. We know that this not only produces better health outcomes, but it’s also key for population management and a solid revenue model within a given community.


Meet with 314e at HIMSS


This year’s HIMSS conference offers a full Consumerism and Patient Engagement Pavilion, allowing attendees to interact with vendors and industry leaders alike. Learn more about preventative medicine tools, wearable technology, cutting edge health plans, and genomic solutions to refine medicine as we know it. There are some great presentations taking place on Tuesday through Thursday of the conference, including topics such as How To Get 90% Patient Engagement With Technology and Digital Principles That Improve Patient Outcomes.


HIMSS20 Trend: Cybersecurity

According to Radware, the costs of cyberattacks increased 52% -- to $1.1 million -- between 2018 and 2010. Information is at a premium, and ePHI is among the most valued pursuit (and costly, if you’re responsible for the breach). HIMSS’s Cybersecurity Command Center provides a plethora of opportunities to test your knowledge of security best practices for healthcare IT, as well as learn about the latest advances in protecting your assets. You can catch presentations such as Responding to Imminent Cybersecurity Threats and How Cybersecurity Leaders Avoid Data Breaches. Insights promise to be practical and actionable to help health organizations better protect their employees, their administrators and their patients.


HIMSS20 Trend: Health IT Analytics

Analytics are the currency of choice for most healthcare organizations, so it’s no surprise to see a focus on data models to help guide care and drive business decisions. HIMSS Analytics is located Hall B, Booth 2731 of the Orange County Convention Center, West Building. This is a powerful chance to meet one-on-one with analytics experts and see presentations of some of the more mature data models available to support benchmarking, comparison and improvement tracking. 


HIMSS20 Trend: Federal Health 

For better or worse, healthcare organizations cannot exist in a bubble. There are federal and state mandates that impact how medicine is practiced and what choices CEOs, CIOs, and CTOs must make the stay compliant. The HIMSS Federal Health Pavilion is a unique opportunity to have access over a dozen government agencies impacting the healthcare sector. Getting through the red tape of large agencies can be daunting, so this is a can’t-miss event for networking with the powers that be. The educational sessions offered March 10th through March 12th are robust in subject matter, ranging from Using Clinical Decision Support (CDS) To Expedite Evidence Into Practice and DoD Health Information Exchange, to Digital Healthcare Research Findings and Impact from The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ).


Plan Ahead To Get The Most Value From HIMSS20

The biggest tip we can offer for leaving Orlando feeling like the miles walked and conversations had were all worth it is to plan ahead. Take stock of the events available, choose a focus, and schedule your time just as you would in the office. Make the most of your trip to HIMSS20, and you’ll be glad you took the time to examine the latest and greatest in your field. 


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